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Niche Zero

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The Niche Zero provides the freshest and most flexibility in coffee grinding. Stepless adjustments ensures the ultimate coffee experience from espresso to filter.
The Niche Zero uses a patented direct grind pathway for dosing your coffee which achieves zero grind retention of coffee caught in the chute. So you only need to grind the exact grams required with no coffee loss. This reduces the risk of coffee going stale and rancid and gives the ability to change different coffees with ease.

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> Zero Grind Retention – Exact grams you put in you get out
> Grind as you need – Grind only what is requires. no wastage.
> 63mm Conical Burrs – The Niche Zero Grinder has premium 63mm conical burrs.
> Compact Design – Simple on-off switch and grind size guide on the adjustment colloer gives you complete control over the grinder.
> Silent and Controlled Motor – Under 72dB during grinding
> NFC Disk Included – The Niche Flow Control Disk eliminates pop-corning in the hopper and ensures the beans grind more consistently.

> 63mm conical burrs
> Cast aluminum body with solid hardwood trim
> Grind speed 1-2 gram/sec
> Straight through grind path, no residue or stale grind build-up
> Stepless grind adjustment
> Weight: 4.1kg
> Dose consistency Less than +/- 0.2g


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