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Are Home Coffee Machines Worth It?

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Have you ever thought about investing in a home coffee machine, but the thought of spending a large amount of money has stopped you from doing so? In this blog, we’ll be going over some of the considerations and thoughts you should be having before purchasing a home coffee machine.

Somedays, you might wake up late or have errands to run in the morning. You’re left with two options, buy that much-needed coffee or reach work on time. Situations just like this can make the thought of buying a home coffee machine completely worth it.

So, let’s jump in and see if the investment is worth it or not. Getting fully automatic coffee machines for your home is completely worth it for coffee lovers who need a daily dose of caffeine to start the day and have very little time in the mornings. However, it’s important to note that there are many home coffee machines and brands to choose from, such as (home espresso machines, capsule coffee machines, manual coffee machines, and pod coffee machines).

Some of our favourite home coffee machine brands at Coffee Complex include Rocket Espresso & ECM.

Before you run off and buy a coffee machine for your home, there are a few things other than convenience and cost that you should know.

Is the Maintenance Worth the Investment?

Getting a freshly brewed, barista-quality coffee in the comfort of your own home appeals to many people. Still, they also get overwhelmed and irritated as soon as the responsibilities, such as maintenance of the machine, ensuring the milk frother is working, cleaning all the coffee grounds from the coffee grinder, etc., arise. These are all part and parcel of the coffee-making process. You see, buying a home coffee machine without actually understanding how it works and what conditions it requires can lead you down a long road of frustration and headaches.

Like most other machines, at some point, it could experience issues or even breakdowns (hopefully not in the near future). When this time comes, the people who bought a home coffee machine without proper knowledge of how the machine works might regret their decision. Grabbing a cup of morning coffee from the nearest coffee shop is indeed much easier. All you have to do is walk to the shop, and your coffee will be ready, but think about all the money and time you have to put in for that. So, if you’re a coffee lover or aficionado and drink it habitually, then getting a home coffee machine is a must!

Why Getting Your Own Coffee Machine is a Good Idea

One of the most attractive things about having your own coffee machine is that brewing a cup of coffee at home can save you a lot of money compared to getting one from a coffee shop. Another plus point of having a home coffee machine is getting barista-quality coffee from the comfort of your own home without having to deal with queuing up with other people. All you have to do is walk to your coffee machine and brew a hot cup instead of stepping out in the cold, walking, or driving to the nearest coffee shop and waiting in line for your turn to get a single cup.

Now compare all that hassle to making a one-time investment in a home coffee machine. You’ll be able to drink coffee whenever you like, with the liberty of experimenting with different ways of coffee-making.

Types of Home Coffee Machines

If you plan to buy a home coffee machine, it is very important to choose the one that fits your preferences and budget. You probably shouldn’t invest in a coffee machine with a million different options if you only drink espresso. Instead, focus on finding a home coffee machine that specialises in brewing the perfect shot of espresso. Having too many options can also be overwhelming. So, which coffee machine should you buy for your home? To understand that, let us provide a general overview of the home coffee machines available to purchase online or in-store at Coffee Complex in Adelaide, South Australia.

Automatic Home Coffee Machines

Automatic home coffee machines are great if you’re looking to brew coffee easily in the comfort of your own home. Generally, these types of coffee machines are designed for convenience and user experience, with many featuring fully automated processes that require minimal effort expended to brew delicious coffee. Some automatic home coffee machines come equipped with built-in grinders, allowing you to grind coffee beans and customise the flavour of your coffee. Other features may include the ability to program custom brew settings, the option to make multiple cups at once, and the ability to produce a variety of coffee drinks, such as espresso, cappuccino, latte and flat white. Automatic home coffee machines can be a great choice if you are looking for the convenience of barista-quality coffee without the hassle of having to grind beans or froth milk manually.

Manual Home Espresso Machines

Espresso machines come in a huge variety, from big professional models to smaller home models. However, they can be more expensive compared to the other types of coffee machines on the list. Manual home coffee machines provide a unique coffee brewing experience, requiring you to take a more hands-on approach to brewing your coffee at home. Sometimes, machines won’t provide you with the convenience of automatic features, like built-in grinders or programmed brewing settings. Instead, they offer a more personalised and customisable coffee-making experience. This home coffee machine is perfect for a coffee enthusiast who enjoys a more immersive and hands-on experience. For those wanting control over every aspect of their brew, a manual home coffee or espresso machine is for you! They are also great if you want to experiment with different brewing methods and fine-tune your coffee to your taste.

Drip Coffee Machines

Drip coffee machines are the cheapest, and they are easily available. They come with a heating pad below the pot, which preserves the coffee’s temperature and can burn your coffee if it stays on for too long. Resulting in a bitter tasting coffee, and nobody likes bitter coffee. To avoid such incidents, get a heat-retaining container and transfer the coffee into it instead of letting it stay on the pad.

Single-Serve Home Coffee Makers

As the name gives it, these machines make a single serving at a time instead of making a big pot. All you need to do is pop one coffee pod in the machine, hit the button, and the coffee will start dripping out. The drawback is that not all pods can be recycled, and they are also expensive.

Final Verdict

To answer the question, Are Home Coffee Machines Worth It? Answer: Yes, investing in a good home coffee machine is completely worth it. Not only will it save you money compared to buying a cup from the cafe, but it will also save time and expended effort. We are not saying that you should completely abandon your favourite coffee shop. But having a perfect coffee machine at home can save money and allow you to experiment with new coffee brewing methods and flavours.


  • A freshly brewed cup of coffee whenever you like.
  • Saves a lot of time compared to getting coffee from a cafe.
  • Variety of options in coffee and machines to pick from.
  • Experiment with new coffee flavours.



  • A cheap machine might ruin the taste of the coffee.
  • Requires a lot of room space depending on the model.
  • Some machines require a lot of maintenance.
  • Need to study the machine to avoid accidents completely
So… now you’ve got a clearer picture of whether you want a home coffee machine for yourself. You might be wondering how do home coffee machines work? Rest assured all your questions will be answered in our blog.

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