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HLF Automatic Coffee Machines

HLF Coffee machines are located in Treviso Italy. HLF are continuously developing a distinct concept in the super automatic coffee machines. Ensuring the ultimate quality in manufacturing and coffee. HLF coffee machines produce barista quality coffee every time at a much of button.

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Cafe quality, everytime – no barista required

HLF Coffee Machine FAQ

HLF manufacture every coffee machine in their factory with dedication and meticulous attention to detail. Their unique Italian design combines seamlessly with the most advanced technology. At HLF, they continuously strive for innovation through their in-house departments, ensuring they deliver high-quality products. Each HLF coffee machine is equipped with essential features like a touch screen, wi-fi, Bluetooth, and remote control, but it can also be tailored and personalised to meet specific requirements.

To clean your HLF coffee machine, follow these steps for daily cleaning, which focus on cleaning the fresh milk circuit and mixing bowl:

  1. Go to the main menu and access the cleaning cycles.
  2. Select “Daily Cleaning.”
  3. Take out the milk pipe from the container.
  4. Choose the “Normal” setting.
  5. Pour 50ml of Cafetto MFC Blue into an empty container and place the milk tube into it.
  6. Position an empty container beneath the dispense head.
  7. Press the start button when you’re ready. The cleaning solution will be discharged into the container and drip tray. The cleaning cycle will run five cycles, followed by a rinse cycle.
  8. After the cleaning cycle, remove the milk pipe from the container and clean it using a paper towel.
  9. Insert the milk pipe back into the machine and close the door. If desired, for additional cleaning, you can perform the Daily Cleaning cycle with MFC Red (Alternative) before or on alternate days to using MFC Blue (Normal).

HLF’s premises are responsible for the complete production process, ensuring that HLF can provide the finest quality products with 100% made-in-Italy assurance. They introduce distinctive designs for their product lines that blend simplicity and modernity. HLF consistently delivers top-notch products that incorporate new technological advancements and are known for their reliability, earning recognition from the market.

Since 2004, HLF has been pioneering a unique approach in the super-automatic hot and cold drinks machines industry. This approach is centred around embodying the true essence of Made in Italy, encompassing design, development, manufacturing versatility, and adaptability to meet customer demands. HLF has been committed to creating a distinct concept representing the finest qualities of Italian craftsmanship, ensuring customer satisfaction.

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