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ECM Coffee Machines Australia

ECM Coffee Machine are celebrated for their flawless workmanship, innovative technologies and production of some of the best home coffee machine. Due to their fine craftsmanship and priceless design, ECM Machines are of the highest quality, delivering perfection in a cup for over 25 years. Designed and handmade out of Italy and Germany, each and every product withholds a unique character, while being part of an exclusive series. Made with passion, skill and consideration, ECM machines are destined for the homes of true coffee lovers. If you’re looking for ECM Coffee Machines in Australia Coffee Complex stocks all models, Synchronika, Technika V PID, Electronika, Mechanika Slim, Classika PID and Casa V.
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ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler Coffee Machine
In Stock
ECM Synchronika Dual Boiler
$5,450 $4,905
ECM Technika V PID Profi Coffee Machine
In Stock
ECM Technika V PID Profi
$4,400 $3,960
ecm mechanika max front
In Stock
ECM Mechanika Max
$4,399 $3,959
ECM Classika PID Single Boiler Coffee Machine
On Backorder
ECM Classika PID Single Boiler
$2,450 $2,205
ECM Elektronika Profi Coffee Machine
On Backorder
ECM Elektronika Profi
$4,800 $4,320
ECM Mechanika V Slim Coffee Machine Adelaide, SA
In Stock
ECM Mechanika V Slim
$3,390 $3,051

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ECM Coffee Machine FAQ

ECM Coffee Machines are top-of-the-line espresso machines created for home use that are guaranteed to impress! These home coffee machines, ranging from basic to high-end models, all feature a sleek and modern design. Each machine’s sophisticated appearance makes it stand out, and the quality of the espresso produced is unmatched.

Is ECM a good brand?

The brand ECM produces some of the top-quality coffee makers available in the market, and this can be stated with assurance. Wolfgang Hauck, a coffee enthusiast, founded the company in 1996, and since then, ECM has developed an extensive range of coffee makers. We have analyzed the features of three of their best-selling models for your reference.

Who owns ECM coffee?

ECM coffee is owned by a group of experts who possess vast knowledge and experience in the domain of espresso coffee machines. The managing director and founder of the company, Wolfgang Hauck, has been actively involved in the espresso industry for over 25 years and has played a pivotal role in bringing the Italian espresso culture to Germany.

Where is ECM coffee machine made?

The ECM coffee machines are produced in two different places. The single-boiler and heat exchanger models are still manufactured in Italy, whereas the Synchronika model with dual-boilers, commercial machines, and all grinders are crafted by hand in Germany.

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