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7 Common Problems with Home Coffee Machines

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Coffee machines have become a regular part of our morning routine. They are convenient and provide us with a fresh coffee brew every morning.

However, like all other home appliances, coffee machines can have minor malfunctions. These issues can be frustrating sometimes, but there are solutions out there with which you can fix these common home coffee machine problems.


If you notice a change of taste in your coffee or if the electric coffee machine is having some issues, then it’s always good to fix those minor issues as soon as possible. This article will provide tips on fixing your home coffee machine problems in minutes.


Common Home Coffee Machine Problems

Less Water Flow in the Coffee Machine

Whether it’s a drip coffee machine or a single-serve coffee machine, slow or no water flow is the most common problem with all home coffee machines, and there are a few causes behind this problem.


Firstly, the water tank might be out of place. To place the water tank properly, you first need to take it out and insert it back to ensure it adjusts to the fitting completely. Air suction could be the second reason behind water flow problems. Sometimes the air gets in the way out of the tubes blocking the water supply.


To fix this, fill the tank with hot water, place it back, and turn on the machine, so the water starts circulating inside the machines.

Lastly, there can be a calcium buildup in the tubes or valves. You must detach the tubes and scrape the residues or deposits to fix this.


Worn-out Heating Element

One morning you might wake up and reach for a cup of coffee, and a cold surprise is waiting for you unless you need an iced espresso.


There can be two culprits for your cold coffee crime. The first issue can be the heating element because it got worn out. The second one can be the thermostat. You can’t fix these issues at home, so it’s best to get the heating element repaired by a technician.


Leaking Coffee Machine

Another common home coffee machine problem is leakage. If you find yourself in a situation where the coffee dispenses out of the coffee machine, the main cause could be because the coffee reservoir or the drip tray isn’t properly fitted or the seal is worn out.


You don’t need to buy a new coffee machine because of a broken tube or valve. You can easily find these parts at a local store, which will solve your problem.


You need to unclog the water pipe if the coffee machine is leaking dirty water or if there is too much coffee on the slab. This can happen because of the calcium, as mentioned earlier, buildup after regular usage. The water and vinegar mixture will clear the reservoir. You must pour and flush the mixture and run it a couple of times to clean and unclog the coffee machine.


Different Brewing Process

We get it. It’s frustrating when your morning coffee suddenly becomes flavourless. You can make a few changes to the coffee brewing process to improve it.


First of all, you should use fresh and high-quality coffee beans. This will certainly ensure your coffee always tastes rich. We recommend green coffee beans if you are extra conscious about your health.


The second reason for your tasteless coffee can be the water you are using. We suggest using distilled water instead of tap water to keep the coffee flavour intact. Tap water contains chlorine, magnesium, and other minerals, which can make your coffee taste bitter. You can also use water filters to prevent this. Lastly, it would help if you cleaned your coffee machine regularly to prevent this from happening.


The Machine Makes A Weird Noise

Coffee machines normally make noise when brewing coffee. However, loud and unusual sounds indicate that your coffee machine needs repair. But before you call customer support, you should first unplug your machine and inspect it thoroughly. Detach the water tank and check the water level inside the machine. If the water level is low, a loud noise can occur because of the machine’s auto-brewing.


The noise can also be a result of the coffee machine’s placement. These loud, unusual sounds are common when you place your coffee machine on a hard surface. Coffee machines sometimes have heating issues which result in loud noises.


Machine Has a Clogged Filter Basket

A clog in the filter basket is also why your coffee has a bitter and funky flavour. You should regularly clean the reusable filter in your machine as it can clog up with the coffee essential oils, causing a bitter brew. Here are a few things you can do to avoid that:


  • Clean the reusable filter with warm water.
  • Run the coffee filter in your dishwasher’s upper rack.

After cleaning, wipe the filter with a clean and damp cloth. Soak the filter in water and distilled mixture for a few hours for a deeper clean. It’s recommended to let it soak overnight. If you don’t have time, you can use a scrub brush and baking soda instead.


Grinder Turns On But Does Not Grind

If the grinder burrs are turning but not grinding properly, this could be because of the grind settings of your coffee machine. Try changing the grind settings if the grind settings are set to fine. The coffee grounds you choose are also vital for getting the perfect brew. Otherwise, your machine will need the right fluid consistency to brew your coffee.


To fix this issue, you can also increase the coarse level of the grinder. Secondly, you should clean and unclog the coffee machine’s funnels. As a rule, you should clean the machine’s funnels once a week.



So these were the most common problems and fixes for a home coffee machine. We recommend consulting your machine’s service representatives if these problems persist. If you feel technical problems with some parts of the machine, it’s highly advisable to avoid opening or washing them yourself.

If you’re interested in purchasing a home coffee machine in Australia, you can browse our selection online or visit our store in Adelaide. We’re located at 18 Croydon Rd, Keswick, SA 5035.

If you have any additional questions about our home coffee machines, feel free to contact us by phone at (08) 8297 5799 or by email at

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