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ECM Mechanika Max

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72+ Five Star Google Reviews

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Rated 5/5 On Google

72+ Five Star Google Reviews

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The ECM Mechanika Max integrates the Smart HX technology, making it a highly versatile coffee machine. It offers a wide range of functionalities, with more than 19 menu choices, allowing users to enjoy a customized coffee experience. Additionally, the Max ensures exceptional temperature consistency and allows for precise control over the brewing process, characteristic of Heat Exchange machines.

The Mechanika Max, being a dual boiler machine, delivers consistent brew temperature, as one would anticipate. This is made possible by the inclusion of the Smart HX system, which incorporates two PID controls within the machine. One PID control is situated in the boiler, while the other is located in the brew group inlet. These controls continuously monitor the actual brew water, ensuring that the thermosyphon system maintains the desired temperature. Consequently, the Mechanika Max achieves remarkably precise brew water temperature.

The Max is a compact coffee machine that stands out among other Heat Exchange (HX) machines due to its exceptional innovation and overall performance. It boasts a variety of additional features that further enhance its functionality, making it a highly impressive and well-executed option in the market.

ECM Mechanika Max Features

  • Three brew temperature control settings, allowing direct adjustment to the desired brewing temperature.
  • Automatic on/off timer function for added convenience.
  • Flush Advisor, which alerts users when the brew water temperature is too high, eliminating guesswork.
  • Straightforward operation that is easy to understand and use.
  • The ability to customise both brew temperature and boiler temperature.
  • A warning indicator to prompt cleaning when necessary.
  • Adjustable pre-infusion, with the option to define active and passive settings separately.
  • A range of smart features accessible through the PID controller, designed to be convenient and user-friendly.
  • A high-quality ECM brew group, featuring an innovative stainless steel construction.
  • Convenient access to the water tank via a removable cup warming tray.
  • A quiet rotary pump for a peaceful brewing experience.
  • The flexibility to switch between using the water tank and a fixed water connection.
  • Professional quick steam and hot water lever valves.
  • Larger pressure gauges for easy monitoring.
  • Two ergonomically angled ECM portafilters with a weight-balanced shape and angled grip for comfortable handling.

ECM Mechanika Max Technical Specifications

Model: Mechanika Max

Pump: Rotary

Thermal Control: PID

Boiler Style: Heat Exchange

Boiler Capacity (L): 1.9

Water Tank: 3

Amperage: 10 amp

Width (mm): 275

Depth without portafilter (mm): 445

Height (mm): 405

Unboxed Weight (kg): 23.5

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