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Quick Mill Rubino Coffee Machine Chrome

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Rated 5/5 On Google

72+ Five Star Google Reviews

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The smallest heat exchange machine in our range. The Quick Mill Rubino Chrome is equipped with large 1.8 L boiler giving the ability to produce cafe quality espresso and Lattes at home.

The Quick Mill Rubino Matte Black & Timber is one of the best small, home-friendly coffee machines that produces a delicious cup of coffee each morning. Equipped with a commercial group head, improved pump pressure, and a powerful, cool-touch steam wand, it excels in brewing quality coffee. The heat exchanger machine is also designed to operate quietly, thanks to the Quick Mill pulsor. The Rubino comes in a sleek stainless steel design and is also available in matte black and timber finishes, with levers instead of dials for operating the steam and hot water.

One of the standout features of the Quick Mill Rubino is the inclusion of the Quick Mill pulsor. This small component improves the machine’s performance significantly. The pulsor stabilises the pump pressure, which is essential for optimal extraction, and reduces the machine’s noise level, allowing you to enjoy your morning or midnight espresso without disturbing others in the house.

The Quick Mill Rubino is a well-constructed machine, particularly for an entry-level model. The full stainless steel chassis extends underneath the drip tray, keeping the body of the machine rust-free for long-term use. Additionally, all parts of the Rubino are easily accessible, making maintenance and refreshment a breeze.

The Rubino model is also available in black and timber, identical to the classic stainless steel version on the inside. However, the exterior design has been upgraded, with levers instead of dials for operating the steam wand and hot water tap. By flipping the levers up, pulse steaming and hot water delivery can be achieved, while flipping them down allows for continuous operation.

The Quick Mill Rubino coffee machine is a high-performance machine offering various features to ensure a perfect cup of coffee. The E61 group head is a commercial-grade component that provides cafe-quality extractions. The 1.8L copper boiler is larger than most domestic coffee machine boilers, providing better temperature stability. The 3L water tank is large enough for all-day brewing, and the Quick Mill pulsor is designed to stabilise pump pressure and reduce noise. Additionally, the machine has a low water alert feature, a magnetic sensor, which lets you know when the water is running low. The steam wand and hot water tap have cool touch stems, which stay cool to the touch even when in use. The machine also has a manometer, a gauge that helps monitor the boiler pressure.

The Quick Mill Rubino coffee machine package includes the following items: the Quick Mill Rubino coffee machine, a 58mm portafilter, a blind basket, a single basket, a 58mm tamper, and a group head brush. These items are necessary for making a perfect cup of coffee with the Quick Mill Rubino.

> Stainless Steel body.
> Extremely compact only 265mm wide.
> Cool touch steam wand.
> Coffee, steam and hot water can be dispensed simultaneously.

Boiler Capacity: 1.8 L Copper Heat Exchanging Boiler

Group head: E61

Water Reservoir: 3L

Tank or Plumbed: Tank

Pump: Vibratory

Portafilter: 58mm


Displays: Single Manometer

Pre-Infusion: Mechanical

Dimensions (mm): (H) 365mm x (W) 265mm x (D) 450mm

Weight: 20kg

Breville/Sunbeam service agent form