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Rocket Espresso Appartamento Coffee Machine Review

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Rocket Espresso Appartamento Overview

The Rocket coffee machine series has been a massive hit since its release into the espresso market, with demands continuing to go through the roof. Today, we reviewed the Appartamento and discussed its features and uses.

This espresso machine is amazing in both performance and design. But it has a few downsides. We’ll go over everything in this Rocket Appartamento coffee machine review.

Let’s get the ball rolling by first looking at what this coffee machine is all about.

Let’s face it, appliance grade machines such as the DeLonghi La Specialista Maestro and Breville Oracle Touch can be incredibly large and cumbersome. But this one from Rocket Espresso is a cut above the rest.

This model offers a commercial-grade experience even without redesigning the kitchen.

While the first impression isn’t everything, the Rocket Appartamento makes an impressive visual statement. Apart from its excellent build quality, the internal components of this machine are only found in commercial espresso machines. This gives unparalleled consistency and a real sense of control over the espresso. 

Coffee Machine Design

The Rocket Appartamento is a classy machine with a near-industrial feel. It features the stunning E61 group head and has modern laser cutouts on its sides. It is available in either copper or white side panel colour. Its compact design is suitable for people with limited bench space. The Rocket Appartamento has an incredible build quality which Rocket espresso machines are known for. With a quality boiler, top-grade stainless-steel casing, and a double spout portafilter- the machine is designed to last a long time. The only concern of many users is the plastic rails of the cup warming tray. But that’s not a problem; replace it with a metal rail.

So, let’s explore the interior:

Heat exchanger

The first noticeable feature is the heat exchange boiler, allowing users to steam and brew simultaneously. While heat exchanges are solid, they may experience temperature stability issues. So we recommend cooling flushes before brewing.

E61 group head

The E61 is a stunning design that has been around for the past 50 years. The E61 design ensures that the group head constantly cycles hot water from the boiler. Although it takes time to cool off and heat up, an E61 features amazing temperature stability and durability.

Copper boiler

The Appartamento has a well-fitted 1.8L copper boiler. Copper retains heat for a long time, making it an excellent boiler material. However, this boiler is not insulated, which makes it a little louder and less energy efficient (compared to other models).

Vibratory pump

The Appartamento features a vibratory pump in many espresso machines. This means this machine can only use a water reservoir and cannot be plumbed in. However, vibratory pumps are less noisy than their rotary counterparts.

Pressure stats

Appartamento doesn’t have a PID temperature control but has a pressure stat, which is a deal breaker for many people. A pressure stat is less quality than a PID, which means users have less control over the temperature of their boiler. However, there are many ways to change the temperature.

There are several arguments about whether a heat exchange machine needs PID control. The pressure stat is enough if you don’t plan to adjust the temperature. Make sure you give the espresso enough heating time to compensate for the lack of temperature control.

Pressure Gauge

The Appartamento features a single pressure gauge that shows the steam boiler’s pressure, not the brewing pressure.

Overall, this machine has a beautiful fit and an amazing finish. Like other Rocket Espresso machines, it is designed from premium components and is aesthetically pleasing.

Machine ease of use

Switching to a prosumer espresso machine requires embracing a new learning curve. However, this machine is easy to master. There’s no complex feature; new users can manually lower or lift the lever to brew espresso.

The Rocket Appartamento must be warmed up for at least 20 minutes before use. When it’s ready, it’s best to flush out the overheated water before use.


The Appartamento produces an amazing quality espresso. The E61 group head controls temperature and produces properly extracted shots. The mechanical pre-infusion process of the Appartamento delivers a flavorful espresso.

As we mentioned, purge the group head before you brew to eliminate overheated water, especially if you’ve abandoned it for a long time.

To brew a shot, lift the lever or lower it to end the shot. You can use a coffee scale to time or weigh your shot. Remember that the Appartamento has a low cup clearance, so it’s designed for brewing in a small cup or shot glass.

Milk steaming

The Rocket Appartamento comes with incredible steam pressure, an upgrade from the entry-level machine. It easily produces microfoam and is a perfect fit for latte art. Remember that the steam wand features a two-hole tip, which can be changed into a four-hole for faster steaming. It’s fitted with a top-quality steam wand that prevents the wand from becoming hot. It is also easier to clean since the milk does not stick to the wand.

Coffee machine maintenance

The Rocket Appartamento comes with cleaning products such as a cleaning tablet, blind basket, and microfibre cloth to help maintain the stainless steel case shine. Just wipe and purge the steam wand and backflush the group head.

Unfortunately, this machine has a small drip tray and water reservoir due to its compact size. So it can be difficult to manage the water. When it comes to long-term maintenance, Rocket advises against descaling the machine yourself, to reduce the build-up of minerals, make sure you use filtered water.


  • Stunning design
  • Produces superb espresso
  • Heat exchanger boiler
  • Amazing build quality
  • Top-grade components.
  • Compact footprint


  • For the boiler pressure, there is just one pressure gauge. A second gauge can be useful to get feedback as you brew your shot.
  • Before brewing, we advise a cold flush. It could be untidy and result in wasting some water from your reservoir.
  • Small drip tray

Final Verdict

The Rocket Appartamento is an incredible espresso machine built like a tank. Don’t be fooled by its small size; this beauty packs a punch. Features like heat exchange allow it to steam milk and brew coffee simultaneously. The E61 group head features incredible temperature stability, producing a consistently great espresso. This is a suitable option for anyone looking for a high-quality home coffee machine.

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