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How To Store Coffee Beans At Home

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We all love that strong aroma and the rich flavoursome goodness mixed with our favourite choice of milk and sweeteners. The joy a cup of coffee brings in the morning is unmatched!

Whether you are an espresso or a latte person, it’s always good to have all the necessary stuff to make that perfect brew of coffee every morning.

However, if you are a regular coffee drinker who prefers brewing their coffee inside the comfort of your home, you must have thought about how to store your coffee beans for maximum freshness.

What Are Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans come from coffee plants. Harvesters collect seeds or coffee beans from those plants. Coffee plants originate from Coffea, which is a family of plants native to countries in Africa and Latina America.

Every spring season, these tiny plants grow into medium-sized trees, blooming into a green berry-like fruit. Coffee farmers harvest these berry-like fruits when their colour turns deep red.

The harvesters then process these coffee beans for flavour and aroma before they are brewed and packaged. These plants have many species, so you’ll find many coffee variations in the stores.

Whole Coffee Beans

Buying a whole coffee bean coffee means buying roasted coffee still in a complete bean shape.

You can’t brew coffee with whole beans of coffee. That’s why you need to grind those beans before brewing your coffee.

Many people drink coffee by grinding the whole beans themselves before brewing because it ensures the coffee flavour is complex and rich compared to grounded coffee beans.

What Is Ground Coffee?

On the contrary, when you buy ground coffee, the grinder has already ground the coffee beforehand. This makes it easy to brew your cup of coffee as you won’t have to grind a new batch of coffee beans daily. This is one of the reasons why grounded coffee is much more popular and accessible. However, your coffee won’t taste as fresh as whole beans coffee.

What Do We Recommend?

We recommend buying whole coffee beans, which can better preserve the coffee’s smooth flavour and rich aroma. If you don’t have enough time in the morning to grind coffee beans every day, you go for grounded vacuum seal coffee beans, but you’ll have to sacrifice the aroma and flavour.

Fresh Coffee Beans Are Perishable

Coffee beans are 100% organic produce like fish or raw meat. And like all organic produce, coffee beans have a limited shelf life. The shelf life of coffee beans is usually one month after the roast date. 

However, if you don’t store your coffee beans, their shelf life can be reduced by half or even more.

So today, we will see what elements make your stale, how you can store your coffee beans properly, and why you should buy freshly roasted beans.

Let’s first understand the four enemies of coffee beans!


The 4 Enemies Of Coffee Beans

Before you go out and look out for the most suitable storage methods for your coffee beans, you should know which elements can affect the freshness and taste of your coffee beans. 

Simply put, there are four things that you should always keep away from your coffee beans:

  1. Light
  2. Heat
  3. Moisture
  4. Air

When exposed to light and air, coffee beans oxidise, losing aroma and essential oils. Add heat and moisture to the equation, and the process accelerates significantly. If you want to keep your coffee beans fresh, keep them away from all four things.


Tips To Keep Your Coffee Beans Fresh At Home

Avoid Freezing the Beans

There is still a debate about whether you should freeze coffee beans or not to preserve the flavour and extend their shelf life. If you ask, we don’t recommend freezing coffee beans. 

Coffee beans are more like bread or fish. You can freeze them, but will they taste as good as fresh ones? We don’t think so.

Secondly, when you freeze your coffee beans and then take them out after some time, moisture and condensation start to creep inside your coffee bean container. As mentioned above, you should always keep your coffee beans from moisture.


Store Your Fresh Beans Carefully

Where you store coffee beans is another important consideration you should look into. When considering your storage adjustments, remember the four important factors discussed above: heat, moisture, light, and air.

Firstly, never store your coffee beans close to an oven. The same goes for locations close to radiators. These storage locations can ruin your coffee beans because of the constant heat they’ll get from the oven and the radiators.

Secondly, avoid keeping your coffee beans close to a window. Heat and light from the sun can significantly impact your coffee bean’s flavour. We always recommend storing your coffee beans in a place not subject to temperature fluctuations, like in the corner of a dark cupboard.


Container For Storing Coffee Beans

After finding the perfect storage location, you need to find a storage container that preserves the flavour of your coffee beans. 

You should always look out for a few things when buying a coffee bean storage container for your coffee beans.

  • Nonreactive material – The container will not impart unwanted flavours to the coffee when you use nonreactive materials such as ceramic glass or metals. 
  • Airtight – Moisture can creep into your coffee because of air; that’s why you should always buy a container that is 100% airtight. 
  • Opaque Airtight container – The last thing you should look for in a container is that it should be opaque the ensure that the beans are protected from light. 

Conclusion – How To Store Freshly Roasted Coffee Beans

You must carefully store the coffee beans to preserve their flavour and aroma. Environmental factors like light, heat, moisture, and air can affect the quality of your coffee beans and impact your overall coffee experience. 

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