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Elektra Verve

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Rated 5/5 On Google

72+ Five Star Google Reviews

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Elektra Verve is the result of years of research and development by a special team of Italian engineers. The Elektra Verve is an ultra compact semi-commercial coffee machine that is ideal for home use. A highlight is the saturated group for unparalleled thermal stability and stunning extractions.

Elektra Verve is the result of research and development, it’s a unique style and approach that allows coffee enthusiasts to express themselves freely. It’s versatile enough to be used in a variety of settings, including coffee shops, homes, offices, and even while travelling. The product combines the best of Italian design with professional capabilities and compact size.

Elektra has been manufacturing exceptional coffee equipment since 1947, with over 70 years of experience, it’s no surprise that their machines are considered some of the finest on the market today. Elektra’s machines are known for their elegant designs and advanced features, their new Verve Levetta being a prime example. They are greatly appreciated for both their functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The Verve Levetta is a sleek and stylish machine that combines a timber and stainless steel design with a large 5L built-in water tank, making it self-sufficient. It also comes equipped with a powerful rotary pump, allowing you to connect it to your main water supply. Additionally, it allows you to control the temperature and pre-infusion times through your smartphone. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic of your kitchen, but it also consistently delivers exceptional coffee.

The Elektra Verve Levetta is a sophisticated and sleek coffee machine that features a stainless steel body with wooden side panels. It is equipped with double boiler technology that allows for high-capacity dry steam production and independent coffee and steam boilers. The Verve Levetta offers a high degree of flexibility as it can easily switch between using the main water line or the 5-litre built-in tank. It also has professional components such as a rotary pump, a professional brew group, and a double-scale pressure gauge. The machine can be controlled via smartphone and wifi connection, allowing you to adjust brewing temperature and pre-infusion time to create your unique coffee recipe. The Levetta has a 1.6-litre steam boiler, a Leva activation, a flick-tap steam wand, and a flick-tap water wand, and is wifi and smartphone-controlled for PID and pre-infusion.

> Dual Boiler.
> Saturated group head.
> Pre-Infusion times and temperature control from smartphone app
> Beautiful hand finished timber works.
> Cool touch steam arm.

Brand: Eektra

Boiler: 1.6L steam stainless steel boiler / 0.14L coffee boiler

Model: verve

Weight: 27kg

Warranty: 1 year

Returns: change of mind not available

Machine use: home /domestic

Machine type: multi boiler

Insulated boiler: yes

Pump: rotary

Pump location: internal

Water location: dual (tank and plumb in)

Colour: polished

Requires instal: no

Country of manufacture: no

Rotary pump: mains water connection available

Water tank: 5l 

Double pressure gauge

Power: 1600w/ 10 amp single phase power

Dimensions: 38cm w x 44.9cm d x 42.5cm h

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