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Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto (R58)

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Rated 5/5 On Google

72+ Five Star Google Reviews

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Cinquantotto translates to 58 in Italian, the number represents the independent 580ml espresso boiler used for espresso extraction in the top of the range prosumer machine. Dual independently operated PID controlled boilers, allowing for optimum extraction of any coffee type or roast style.

The R58 Cinquantotto from Rocket Espresso is a new coffee machine known for its quality. It has dual boilers that can be controlled independently, allowing for the best extraction of different types of coffee. Additionally, the Cinquantotto has an inclined boiler technology that allows accurate control of the group temperature and improved temperature stability. The name Cinquantotto means 58 in Italian.

A commercial-grade rotary pump can either draw water from the machine’s internal reservoir or be connected directly to a water supply source.

The touch screen communication pod controls the machine’s functions, including a new automatic on/off feature, so the machine is always ready to make coffee. The communication pod can also be removed from the machine to maintain the sleek appearance of Rocket Espresso.

Rocket Espresso Milan introduced the R58 Cinquantotto, the first dual-boiler espresso machine of the renowned Giotto range. The R58 Cinquantotto features two independent boilers that provide exceptional stability for the espresso boiler and increased steam pressure and hot water supply from the service boiler. The machine’s functions are controlled using the Rocket Espresso communication pod that connects to the side of the R58.

The communication pod allows for easy temperature adjustments for both boilers, enabling the use of various roast profiles and origins. Additionally, the commercial-grade rotary pump on the R58 can be manually adjusted through an external fitting located at the machine’s base for further control.

The manual controls on the R58 allow for espresso creation without any compromises. The machine can either draw fresh water from its internal 2.5-litre reservoir or be connected directly to a plumbing and drainage system, which is included in the accessories kit. The R58 also boasts a sleek appearance, distinct styling, and high build quality typical of Rocket Espresso machines.

Rocket Espresso has incorporated features from its commercial espresso machine line into the Rocket dual boiler machine, providing advanced technology typically found only in full-sized commercial machines. This approach is rooted in the company’s history and mission, which began in the 1990s when Ennio Berti had the conviction that the world was ready for a coffee revolution.

The R58 coffee machine and the Rocket Espresso brand have undergone two updates since their release and quickly established themselves as a legend. The engineers behind the R58 began by focusing on the final goal of creating the perfect espresso and then working backwards to develop the ultimate espresso machine. The R58 is meticulously designed and built with traditional craftsmanship and technical expertise to replicate the commercial machine experience in a home setting.

The R58 features cool-touch steam and hot water wands. Unlike other companies who cut costs by using cheaper parts and shortcuts, the R58 is constructed with commercial-grade components and manufacturing methods,

The 1.8 + 0.58 litre boilers are made with lead-free brass plates that enhance thermal retention and then coated with nickel to protect against copper oxidation. The thermo siphon system has been redesigned to achieve optimal balance in the espresso machine, which allows for texturing perfect milk and achieving the ideal extraction temperature for the flavours and tastes of espresso without any delays.

Rocket R58 machines have a beautiful design and have been thoughtfully engineered to have advanced features within a traditional and simple exterior. Temperature can be easily controlled with a detachable pod controller that allows for a clean, traditional appearance.

The R58 allows the user to set specific brewing temperatures for different coffee and roast styles through a PID controller. However, the engineers have gone to great lengths to hide any flashy digital displays to keep the focus on the barista and the art of making espresso coffee.

When you receive the Rocket R58 Home Coffee Machine, you can expect to find the following items included in the box: the machine itself, a plumb-in kit, a complete naked portafilter (group handle), a complete double portafilter (group handle), a blind filter basket for back-flushing, a group head brush, a plastic coffee scoop, and a coffee tamper. These items will allow you to start using your new machine immediately and maintain it properly.

> A dual boiler PID model offering the ability to increase or decrease the temperatures within each boiler.
> Vibrant detachable touch screen display, to adjust temperatures within both the brew and service boiler.
> The commercial grade rotary pump and motor provide the option of connecting to a mains water supply or running from the internal reservoir.
> Utilising Rockets new Cronometro, their elegant and subtle shot timer to assist with calibration and espresso refinement when dialling in your paired grinder.

Brand: Rocket

Wand: Cool touch steam wand

Power: 10 amp 1400 watts

Pod: Detachable Rocket communication pod

Brew Boiler: 0.58 Litres

Steam Boiler: 1.8 Litres

Boilers: A dual boiler PID model offering the ability to increase or decrease the temperatures within each boiler

Dimensions ( w x d x h) mm: 310 x 440 x 385

Weight: 29 kg

Model R: Cinquantotto

Warranty: 2 Years

Returns: Change Of Mind Not Available

Machine Use: Home /Domestic

Machine Type: Twin Boiler

Group Head: E61

Temp. Control: Pid

Insulated Boiler: Yes

Pump: Rotary

Pump Location: Internal

Water Location: Dual (Tank And Plumb In)

Colour: Polished

Requires Install: No

Country Of Manufacture: Italy

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