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Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto (R58) Coffee Machine Review

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Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto Overview

Introducing the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto  Coffee Machine.

One of our favorite things about the rocket brand is their ability design timeless coffee machines. For example, their way of discrete minimising the presence of the digital elements on their coffee machines.

The popular R58 dual-boiler espresso machines were replaced with the Rocket R Cinquantotto. As a dual boiler espresso machine, practically all of the boilers use PIDs to modify the temperature within each boiler, enabling modification to accommodate varied roasting profiles. Updates to Rocket’s iconic double boiler, include new legs, side panels, shot-timers, and more. The Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto produces a sweet, well-rounded coffee. And the temperature is stable. So the 93 degrees you see on the PID only has a variance of 0.3 or 0.4 degrees. So the machine is very temperature stable.

Features and Performance of the Rocket R Cinquantotto Coffee Machine

As an established coffee machine brand, they do recognise that it does help to have a lot of the PID controllers, the shot timers, etc. So on some of their models, like the Giotto and Mozzafiato, they hide it behind a drip tray. In the case of the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto, which is the evolution of the R 58, they’ve got it here in this module, which is removable. So you can turn off the coffee machine, pull it out, unplug it, and that’s gone. So once you’ve set the coffee machine, you don’t need the PID, but you can keep it attached to see your shot timer.

They’ve hidden a shot timer just behind the machine, also. So from that perspective, the R Cinquantotto would always look the same as the coffee machine ages, hopefully timeless. Now, when it comes to this coffee machine, it’s a rotary pump twin boiler machine. You have a 1.8-litre steam boiler and a 0.6-brew boiler.

The PID controls both boilers with this. They’ve built the offset into the PID. The temperature on the PID is the temperature the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto registers at. And, of course, you can run it in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

Commercial Grade Rotary Pump

The R Cinquantotto features a rotary pump with external controls for pressure adjustment allowing optimum pump pressure while looking at the specialised pressure gauge. Rocket redesigned the pump to improve the pump’s internal structure to reduce noise, utilising a quieter rotary motor. It’ll provide superior pumping performance for the market.

Precise Group Temperature Adjustment

The boilers are copper to become more temperature stable. And some of the design changes from the R 58 to the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto have been minor. But they make a statement. The folding and the cup rail have become a lot more solid. You’ve got the cup rail that’s now moved to the edge and a lot more squared look. And the feet, the feet have gone from stock standard round feet to a design element. And the controller went from a pretty ugly screen to a proper LCD screen.

We are not too fond of the plastic around the screen, as it feels almost 3D printed. But in saying that, the operation of the screen on the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto and just the sensitivity and the accuracy of where you’re touching it are very accurate. 

You can change the angle of the screen just by removing it and adjusting the screw. If you are keeping the screen, turn off the machine, pull the screen out, unplug it and do not use it. 

As you put the screen back onto the coffee machine, you’ll notice it starts quickly. Now, talking about screens, you’ve got the menu, which is quite simple. You got your brew boiler temperature, and you can turn off or turn on your steam boiler and your steam boiler temperature down below. You can choose your coffee machine temperature between Celsius and Fahrenheit, depending on your preference.

ECO Mode

ECO mode, meaning the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto will shut down automatically after 90 minutes if unused. You’ve got a calendar, a scheduling tool to turn on and off the machine up to two times a day. So in the morning and, say, at lunch if you wanted it that way, per day. And then just the usual date and time language. And your water inlet, whether you’re running it from the tank or you’re moving it to a plumbed-in setup. So obviously, this coffee machine can be run from a tank and your drip tray or plumbed in. 

Talking about drip trays, they’ve put in simple little magnets at the back of the tray. And that means when you pull it out and put them back in, it’s locked into place firmly. And it’s always firm in place and lined up correctly. When it comes to steam arms and hot water taps, they are a cool touch, like most coffee machines these days. And the actual steam taps are full commercial taps. So these are the same taps you find in some other coffee machines. And the group head, of course, is the famous and legendary E61 group head, which not only has pre-infusion, but due to its 4kgs of brass, it also allows for pre-infusion to be mechanical. If you’re in the market for rocket coffee machines Australia, the team at Coffee Complex have got you covered! Our expert team of coffee machine specialists can guide you in the right direction to purchase a rocket coffee machine!

Shot Timers

The shot timer it’s hidden just on the right-hand side of the coffee machine. So as you activate the lever, that shot timer will start counting down while the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto is idle.

It will also show if the coffee machine is heating or not. Remember that the shot timer shows where the R is on the screen. So you’ve got the shot time in both. And the reason is that if you’re not running the screen, you still have a shot time on the lever actuation. And like most coffee machines, you’ve got your dual gauges, one for your pump pressure and one for your steam pressure in the rear boiler.

Coffee Machine Specs

Looking at the specs, let’s dive into it, make some coffees and see how it performs. Suppose you preload 21 grams into the Rocket Espresso naked portafilter. In Australia, the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto comes with a double portafilter and a naked one. It comes with a double and single portafilter for the rest of the world. 

The reason they did that in Australia, they found that many people buy naked at an aftermarket and not using their singles, so they thought they’d make everyone happy and go naked.

So locking this in and activating the shot, we’ll see that both the shot timer and the machine get activated immediately. Just watching that come out. So if you are an Espresso lover, you can turn off the steam boiler and run this machine with a brew boiler.

Dual PID Temperature Controllers

Both 0.6 l and 1.8-litre brewing boilers feature PID-controlled temperatures. Users may adjust the temperature on their computer screens easily to accommodate different roasts, and for convenience, they can remove it. 2/3. 

Making Milk Based Coffee

You can also make milk-based coffees with the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto. Using a preloaded 21 grams into the Rocket Espresso naked portafilter, we’re just going to run a shot and then do a flat white. So just locking that in, activating the group head. Now, when it comes to milk, the machine does come with two steam tips straight out of the box.

They’re both two whole tips. One tip runs 1.5mm holes, and the other tip is 1.2mm. This is because, with a 1.5, you get a certain amount of work time, so it steams quite quickly. You’ve only got a certain amount of time. With a 1.2, the machine can keep pumping out steam for as long as needed.

Why should you buy the Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto (R58) Coffee Machine?

Its reliability, innovation and design give it a thoughtful look and feel. The touchscreen is a PID feature that allows for precise control and turns on the steam heating/cooling units when you want.

Are you looking to purchase this coffee machine in Australia? Click here to shop The Rocket Espresso R Cinquantotto 58.

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